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23 November 2011 @ 10:27 pm
Why do I always feel like I am returning to this journal from a hiatus of some sort? (Probably because I am. *sigh*) I actually lost power for an entire week during the giant snowstorm over here (my region was one of the last to get power back, actually...I could say plenty more on why power company monopolies suck, but I won't turn this journal into another political rant space. For now, at least.) First I was like, ok, no tv or internet, I can live with that...pull out the paints and the books. By day four it had gotten down to 52 degrees in my house. Fifty-two. A five and a two. I spent days and nights in bed with my cat, piled under about five pounds of blankets and dreaming that I was using the internet. :/ I am not proud, but I am honest. That counts for something, right?

Two weeks later, and I'm kind of still cleaning up and doing errands and getting caught up with everything, plus working way more hours than usual this week because I guess Thanksgiving is a busy time in the restaurant business. Who would have guessed? My workplace isn't open on Thanksgiving day, which I am *thankful* for (yay puns) but I am really surprised at the number of people who called to ask if we were open. I could understand people who don't have much family, or elderly people, but I had people call and ask to make reservations for big parties...like they were going to skip the whole bother of cooking decent food at home (kind of the whole point of the holiday) and go out for a generic, pre-made excuse for a dinner. But honestly, that doesn't even bother me as much as the assumption that restaurants should be open on Thanksgiving, like nobody gives a damn if the employees of said restaurant have lives or family that they might want to spend the holiday with. Nope, it should be just another workday for them, serving you shitty food for a measly 10% tip, maybe 15% if you're feeling generous. (%$*&%^) And maybe I'm just reading too much into this, but I feel like it's another example of the massive inequality in this country, and increasing consumerization, because salaried folks obviously get the holiday off while wage laborers (restaurant and retail staff) are the ones who might not even get a choice. Everything is left up to corporate heads, who may or may not decide to treat their employees like humans instead of machinery. (So much for no political ranting.) Anyway...

The point of this post really is that I wanted to mention to my secret santa for MtYG, I finally put up a letter. I really like when my recipient writes a letter, so I thought I would extend the same courtesy, but feel free to completely ignore it as well. lol Best of luck to my santa, and best of luck to everyone! I am actually really excited to not have school this year, so I can be far more dedicated than years past. We'll see if that translates to more story....

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25 October 2011 @ 10:51 pm
US Weekly: Kevin Richardson Contemplates Rejoining the Backstreet Boys

"Is Kevin Richardson having second thoughts about leaving the Backstreet Boys in 2006?

The 40-year-old singer will reunite with former bandmates Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean and Howie Dorough when their upcoming cruise stops in Nassau, Bahamas.

Richardson is slated to host the band's Beach Party Concert and meet with fans, prompting speculation that he may one day rejoin the multiplatinum singing group for good.

"I would love to perform with them again on a more regular basis," Richardson said coyly on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show Tuesday. "Our chemistry when we come together just feels like old times."

The Backstreet Boys' cruise sets sail December 2."

Awww Kevy! He's just jealous watching Jordan Knight put the moves on his Nicky.

I am honestly surprised though. Kevin never struck me as the type to waver once he's made a decision, especially one as life-changing as this. Backstreet is just that special I guess. :D

Also, how exciting is this?!Collapse )

And what with NSync's recent get-togetherI feel like this is boyband reunion week! EEEE

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21 October 2011 @ 12:41 am
Ok so, Steph in the City has behind the scenes video of the Burning Up shoot. I am going to eat my words, because I am going to be raving about this video once it's finished. I just can't help being shallow sometimes. :/ Why, you ask? Take a look at 0:08 here where Nick takes his shirt off and is covered in paint. *rawr* All those years of covering up, I think Nicky is definitely making up for lost time. lol

Also (just ignore the fact that she can't spell NKOTBSB or Jordan's last name):

"I caught up with Backstreet Boys‘ Nick Carter at his music video shoot Burning UP at Play dance club in Nashville. Things get hot as we take you behinds the scenes of the glow paint party. Speaking of hot, we talk about Nick’s record for the most In Style Magazine ‘Sexiest Male Musician’ titles and the friendly competition with Justin Timberlake.

Nick tells me he is rehearsing for his solo tour here in Nashville, before taking the band overseas. There are talks of NKOB’s Jordan McKnight maybe touring with him. THE NKOBBSB tour just wrapped up some fifty shows, the two bands will head back out in April."

You guys. Oh my god. Jordan Knight maybe touring with Nick. I'm torn between laughing and freaking out, because I can just imagine Jordan wheedling Nick about touring together (make your boycrush more obvious honey) and that would be the hottest tour ever! *crosses fingers*

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20 October 2011 @ 10:21 pm
Nick's been twittering pics from the Burning Up video shoot, and what a surprise, it's another club video! How...original. *sigh* I dunno, I make fun of sci-fi geek Nick but he's so adorable. I'd prefer that to generic club scenes.

Hey, it's the return of the Nick-got-electrocuted hair! Flashback like whoa.

Ok, I will admit that this is effing hot:Collapse )

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09 October 2011 @ 01:15 pm
So I'm catching up on NKOTBSB tour stuff, and I found this tangentially-related vid of one of their opening acts for part of the tour called Midnight Red.

Kind of a summary of the video in interview form here: Rebranding Boy Bands

Q: Have you gotten any advice from them?

A: The two in particular who have given us the most advice are Brian Littrell from Backstreet Boys and Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids. They're telling us to keep our heads on straight and keep the unity between the group, because that's what's going to take us far. Sticking together will take us very far in this game.

It makes my heart smile so much that Brian's advice to them was to stick together. ♥ I think most people would agree that's what's taken Backstreet as far as they've come in their careers, and it's so sweet to hear Brian acknowledge that. And after everything they've been through, it's really amazing to know that it's been a conscious effort on their part to work together and appreciate each other. Makes it seem like their relationship is that much more genuine.

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29 September 2011 @ 04:08 pm
My paid account here at LJ has finally expired, so as of today comments are no longer allowed on this journal. If you wish to comment on any entries I ask that you comment on the original Dreamwidth entry linked at the bottom of each post (you don't need a DW account, you can use OpenID, or comment anonymously, or I'd be happy to give you a code).

I'll still be crossposting all fannish things, at least for the foreseeable future, I just won't check this place as often. But I don't want to continue financially supporting a site which I feel doesn't have its users' best interests as its first priority, and now that LJ insists on subjecting unpaid users to obnoxious video ads I'll be spending a lot less time here. Thanks for reading!
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29 September 2011 @ 10:23 am
So, long time no see. It's been a really long three months, or whenever the last time I posted on here was. I thought that being done with school would mean that I actually get some time to relax, but not yet. My cat was in and out of the pet hospital for about two months, with chronic constipation and colon blockages, and then we found out that he's got chronic renal failure. So that was stressful, and took the entirety of the money my family gave me for graduation, but he is doing much better now. Between that and the new job, and crazy ass coworkers, and new managers who will probably turn out to be just as crazy, I've been eating way more ice cream than usual. And family issues, which I'll probably write about later.

So, it's been hard to find time to write, or do much, but I hope I can get back to a somewhat normal sleeping schedule soon and do something creative.

Also, I've finally caught up with the rest of the world and registered for an iTunes account! I haven't bought any new music for years, and when I do I usually buy CDs and use my wicked old school portable CD player. I got it as a Christmas gift when I was, hm, 12 I think? And it still works! But more often these days I listen to music on my laptop, and buying an album through iTunes is cheaper, so. The first thing I bought was the deluxe edition of Nick's "I'm Taking Off." So, hopefully a review coming soon. :)

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26 August 2011 @ 11:01 pm
And NKOTB. He's such a diplomat. lol Way to play into the whole manufactured boyband thing, but whatever...

"...With that tour just hours from seeing its last date, here’s how Knight summed up each member of NKOTBSB for The Free Press. The nine comments, including an amusingly low-key self-assessment, started with the five members of The New Kids on The Block and then moved to The Backstreet Boys:

Joey McIntyre: "A very creative guy . . . he is definitely in my corner. He's actually pushed me, 'You gotta do this. You gotta do that.'

Danny Wood: "The kind of guy that keeps everybody grounded. I've always said (that) about Danny.

Donnie Wahlberg: "The visionary leader of the group. He's the guy with the brain that sees the big picture all the time.

Jonathan Knight: "Jon's my brother. He's the sweetheart of the group." (Those more in the know, is this like Kevin's "he's my cousin" refrain?)

Jordan Knight: "I'm the lead singer." (making air quotation marks) (The interviewer's words, not mine lol)

Brian Littrell: "Brian seems like the leader of The Backstreet Boys . . . he's a sweet guy, he's a great guy with the fans. He's like the conduit, the connection between the fans and his group."

Nick Carter: "Nick is the heartthrob." (Oh Jordan, wear your heart on your sleeve honey...I'm totally writing this slashfic, btw)

A.J. McLean: "A.J. is the talent. He's the voice, the talent. They all have voices, they're all great voices."

Howie Dorough: "Howie is the sweetheart of the group. He's like the Jon. He's the sweet guy of the group and a great singer and everything else."

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28 July 2011 @ 08:11 pm
I've been trying to post pics and such, here and in cominbackagain but LJ's recent fuckery is prohibiting me. *sigh* Only three more weeks of paid time here, then I am switching to Dreamwidth for good...
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21 July 2011 @ 11:43 pm
ArtistDirect talked to AJ recently about the cruise, and some other gems popped out of this interview, namely his response to the question about NKOTBSB...

AJ McLean of Backstreet Boys Talks BSB Cruise, NKOTBSB, His Best Summer Concert, and More

"The Backstreet Boys Cruise is all about the fans", declares AJ McLean of BSB.

In fact, the cruise is the best way to get up close and personal with the premier pop group. Ever since they won over the hearts of millions worldwide, BSB have emphasized giving back to their devout, diehard audience, but there's no better way for them to do so than by spending December 2nd through December 5th with a boatful of fans.

Rest of the interview is under the cut...Collapse )

How has NKOTBSB been?

It's been awesome! The tour has been going great with all of these sold out shows. The fan response has been unbelievable. There's so much love for both of these groups. It's really been cool to see both generations of fans merge together every show to become like this superfan [Laughs]. It's cool to see New Kids fans rocking New Kids shirts singing Backstreet Boys songs and vice versa. We have a moment in our set where we sing "I'll Never Break Your Heart" and we bring four fans on stage and serenade them. A couple of nights, I've grabbed girls who are in full-on New Kids gear from head-to-toe and they're having a blast singing along. It's a great show. It's two hours of nonstop hits, and the nine of us are having a blast out here. We're hopping on each other's buses, hanging out, and playing video games. Everyone wants to be on my bus because I've got all the toys. I've got ten RC cars, a Segway, and a BMX bike. We have XBOX so we're always playing Madden or NHL. The two who hang out with me the most are Donnie Wahlberg and Joey McIntyre. Joe just randomly shows up on my bus whenever he wants unannounced. I think it's hilarious. Donnie and I go play golf whenever we get the chance.

Read more...Collapse )

Oh. My. God. Someone has to write fic about this. HAS. TO. Please, somebody do it! I am begging you, fandom!

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