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Jordan Knight sums up the Backstreet Boys

And NKOTB. He's such a diplomat. lol Way to play into the whole manufactured boyband thing, but whatever...

"...With that tour just hours from seeing its last date, here’s how Knight summed up each member of NKOTBSB for The Free Press. The nine comments, including an amusingly low-key self-assessment, started with the five members of The New Kids on The Block and then moved to The Backstreet Boys:

Joey McIntyre: "A very creative guy . . . he is definitely in my corner. He's actually pushed me, 'You gotta do this. You gotta do that.'

Danny Wood: "The kind of guy that keeps everybody grounded. I've always said (that) about Danny.

Donnie Wahlberg: "The visionary leader of the group. He's the guy with the brain that sees the big picture all the time.

Jonathan Knight: "Jon's my brother. He's the sweetheart of the group." (Those more in the know, is this like Kevin's "he's my cousin" refrain?)

Jordan Knight: "I'm the lead singer." (making air quotation marks) (The interviewer's words, not mine lol)

Brian Littrell: "Brian seems like the leader of The Backstreet Boys . . . he's a sweet guy, he's a great guy with the fans. He's like the conduit, the connection between the fans and his group."

Nick Carter: "Nick is the heartthrob." (Oh Jordan, wear your heart on your sleeve honey...I'm totally writing this slashfic, btw)

A.J. McLean: "A.J. is the talent. He's the voice, the talent. They all have voices, they're all great voices."

Howie Dorough: "Howie is the sweetheart of the group. He's like the Jon. He's the sweet guy of the group and a great singer and everything else."

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