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So I'm catching up on NKOTBSB tour stuff, and I found this tangentially-related vid of one of their opening acts for part of the tour called Midnight Red.

Kind of a summary of the video in interview form here: Rebranding Boy Bands

Q: Have you gotten any advice from them?

A: The two in particular who have given us the most advice are Brian Littrell from Backstreet Boys and Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids. They're telling us to keep our heads on straight and keep the unity between the group, because that's what's going to take us far. Sticking together will take us very far in this game.

It makes my heart smile so much that Brian's advice to them was to stick together. ♥ I think most people would agree that's what's taken Backstreet as far as they've come in their careers, and it's so sweet to hear Brian acknowledge that. And after everything they've been through, it's really amazing to know that it's been a conscious effort on their part to work together and appreciate each other. Makes it seem like their relationship is that much more genuine.

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