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Ok so, Steph in the City has behind the scenes video of the Burning Up shoot. I am going to eat my words, because I am going to be raving about this video once it's finished. I just can't help being shallow sometimes. :/ Why, you ask? Take a look at 0:08 here where Nick takes his shirt off and is covered in paint. *rawr* All those years of covering up, I think Nicky is definitely making up for lost time. lol

Also (just ignore the fact that she can't spell NKOTBSB or Jordan's last name):

"I caught up with Backstreet Boys‘ Nick Carter at his music video shoot Burning UP at Play dance club in Nashville. Things get hot as we take you behinds the scenes of the glow paint party. Speaking of hot, we talk about Nick’s record for the most In Style Magazine ‘Sexiest Male Musician’ titles and the friendly competition with Justin Timberlake.

Nick tells me he is rehearsing for his solo tour here in Nashville, before taking the band overseas. There are talks of NKOB’s Jordan McKnight maybe touring with him. THE NKOBBSB tour just wrapped up some fifty shows, the two bands will head back out in April."

You guys. Oh my god. Jordan Knight maybe touring with Nick. I'm torn between laughing and freaking out, because I can just imagine Jordan wheedling Nick about touring together (make your boycrush more obvious honey) and that would be the hottest tour ever! *crosses fingers*

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