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Why do I always feel like I am returning to this journal from a hiatus of some sort? (Probably because I am. *sigh*) I actually lost power for an entire week during the giant snowstorm over here (my region was one of the last to get power back, actually...I could say plenty more on why power company monopolies suck, but I won't turn this journal into another political rant space. For now, at least.) First I was like, ok, no tv or internet, I can live with that...pull out the paints and the books. By day four it had gotten down to 52 degrees in my house. Fifty-two. A five and a two. I spent days and nights in bed with my cat, piled under about five pounds of blankets and dreaming that I was using the internet. :/ I am not proud, but I am honest. That counts for something, right?

Two weeks later, and I'm kind of still cleaning up and doing errands and getting caught up with everything, plus working way more hours than usual this week because I guess Thanksgiving is a busy time in the restaurant business. Who would have guessed? My workplace isn't open on Thanksgiving day, which I am *thankful* for (yay puns) but I am really surprised at the number of people who called to ask if we were open. I could understand people who don't have much family, or elderly people, but I had people call and ask to make reservations for big they were going to skip the whole bother of cooking decent food at home (kind of the whole point of the holiday) and go out for a generic, pre-made excuse for a dinner. But honestly, that doesn't even bother me as much as the assumption that restaurants should be open on Thanksgiving, like nobody gives a damn if the employees of said restaurant have lives or family that they might want to spend the holiday with. Nope, it should be just another workday for them, serving you shitty food for a measly 10% tip, maybe 15% if you're feeling generous. (%$*&%^) And maybe I'm just reading too much into this, but I feel like it's another example of the massive inequality in this country, and increasing consumerization, because salaried folks obviously get the holiday off while wage laborers (restaurant and retail staff) are the ones who might not even get a choice. Everything is left up to corporate heads, who may or may not decide to treat their employees like humans instead of machinery. (So much for no political ranting.) Anyway...

The point of this post really is that I wanted to mention to my secret santa for MtYG, I finally put up a letter. I really like when my recipient writes a letter, so I thought I would extend the same courtesy, but feel free to completely ignore it as well. lol Best of luck to my santa, and best of luck to everyone! I am actually really excited to not have school this year, so I can be far more dedicated than years past. We'll see if that translates to more story....

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